Are You Maintaining Your Siding?


When you talk about a house’s curb appeal, typically you are referring to the landscaping or outside decor of a home. However, the condition of your home’s siding is just as noticeable as an overgrown lawn. Outdated or dirty looking siding can give visitors and potential buyers the wrong impression of what the interior of your home is like.  So the real question for you would be… Is your current siding is representing you well?

Many homeowners do not take note of their siding until a problem arises, but the truth is that many of the siding repairs needed are often the result of poor maintenance. Think of it this way; your siding is like clothing for your home. If you don’t take care of your clothes, they eventually become unwearable. The same is true of your siding.  Maintaining it is essential to keep your home looking as good outside as it does on the inside.

Understand the type of siding you have

How you care for your siding will be determined by what material it is made from.  Wood siding requires regular treatment every 4 to 6 years, whereas vinyl siding is low maintenance and requires very little care at all.  On the other hand, cedar shake involves a lot of maintenance and can be quite time consuming. When purchasing a home, make sure you find out what type of siding it has and how the current owners have been caring for it.  If you already own a home, be sure to follow the proper care instructions for your type of siding.

Clean it annually, or more

Potential buyers, and even neighbors, can be greatly turned off by dirty or heavily stained siding. You can usually clean off most stains, dirt, or grime using a bristle brush and soap water. No, you don’t have to be as diligent about cleaning your siding as you are about the inside of your home. Still, it is a good idea to address dirt or stains before they have the opportunity to build up.

Inspect it regularly

Holes, critter infestations, and other damage can all occur without many homeowners being the wiser. Inspecting your siding, at least around each season change, will allow you to address any issues immediately

Protect It

When you get a new car, you tend to park far away from other cars so it won’t get hit, fix any nicks it may get right away, and whether or not kids are allowed to touch it can be debatable. Of course you don’t need to go to those extremes, but protecting your siding will help it last a long time. Keep open flames, such as grills or fire pits several feet from your home to prevent melting. Don’t ram into your siding with your lawn mower. Damage to your siding can be a costly repair. Be sure to protect your investment by treating it well.

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