4 Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Tiles


The era of home improvement shows has successfully given us design fever. In addition to draw dropping kitchens, the incredible bathrooms on those shows have taken center stage, leaving us all dreaming about the perfect en-suite.

When you’re planning you’re planning your bathroom remodel, you just might get overwhelmed with all the gorgeous tile designs you see on Pinterest. But before you call your contractor to install that subway tile, here are a few things you should consider when making tile selections.

Know Your Space

You may have fallen in love with a bathroom design you saw on Fixer Upper, but the reality is that the same design may not look as flattering in your space. Before you get your heart set on certain bath tiles or even specific colors for your bathroom, take an honest look at the space you are working in and figure out what will best highlight its features. If consulting with an interior designer isn’t in the budget, ask a friend with good taste for their honest opinion. Having an outside opinion will help you see your bathroom from a different perspective and may even spark new ideas.

Play with Samples

Before you can even plan your layout, seeing how different tile samples look and how they will fit in your bathroom is a must. No matter how set you are on specific types of tiles, try before you buy. Bathroom tiles can be tricky because of the various lines and shapes available. You cannot visualize how the end product will turn out without playing around and positioning the different tiles you are interested in. Some tiles will only work when placed in a specific pattern and this can impact other aspects of your design including the color scheme and fixtures you use.

Consider the Maintenance

Not all tiles are created equal and some types of bathroom tile require more care and maintenance than others. Ceramic and porcelain tile are popular bathroom choices because they are resistant to stains, moisture, and scratches, making them durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. On the other hand, laminate or linoleum tiles often have seems which are rather impossible to water proof. Once water seeps underneath, the moisture can cause the floor underneath to warp and separate.

Mix Up Your Choices

Planning a floor to ceiling tile design should not mean all the tile should be the same. Whether you are selling your home or just want some updates, an eye-catching bathroom will go a long way to adding value. Even if you are set on having the same type of tile throughout your bathroom, mix up your color choices in different areas. Your tile choices should highlight the best features of your bathroom and give it new life.

Remember, every area of your home should reflect you and your family, and the bathroom is no exception. Take time to evaluate your tile selections and that they contribute to the overall beauty of your dream bathroom.